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A remodeled kitchen can exponentially increase your home’s value...

A remodeled kitchen is a big deal and can increase your home’s value exponentially. We listen carefully to your needs, to how you use your kitchen and then create a personalized design that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. We’ll replace your cabinets to give your kitchen a more updated feel. We’ll work alongside you as you consider ceramic tiles, granite counter tops, and energy-saving appliances to give your kitchen form with function and a fresh new look.


We’ll help give your bathroom a more modern look with contemporary color ...

Your bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms in your house and completely remodeling or updating it can go a long way in adding value to your home. Maybe you need to add more space. We’ll assist you in selecting fixtures and finishes that fit both your needs and lifestyle. From tub to toilet to tile, we’ll replace those features that make your bathroom look old and dated. We’ll improve and upgrade your old vanities, sinks and mirrors for a more modern and polished look.


Give your home an instant lift with new hardwood floors, laminate or ceramic tiles or carpeting...

Flooring is probably one of the easiest and most economical home improvements of its size. So, if you love your home, do the math. Give your floors an instant lift by swapping out old carpeting for new hardwood floors or ceramic tiles. From removal to installation, we offer full flooring service along with design assistance in selection.  


From kitchens to baths...

From kitchens to baths, counter tops to shower walls, new tiling will help you brighten and improve the look of your home. We’ll remove the old and install new quartz, laminate or stone tiles to suit your needs. 


Imagine a luxuriating soak in your new bathtub...

Imagine a luxuriating soak in your new bathtub. Or pouring yourself a glass of sparkling water from the new Grohe Blue Water Systems faucet in your kitchen. We can install the latest in plumbing fixtures to fit any style. Whether it’s the faucets in the kitchen or the shower in the bathroom, we can incorporate environmental features into our projects, based on your needs.


The right kind of light can set the mood...

The right kind of light can set the mood and tone in and around your home. Whether it’s along the walkway or in the walk-in closet, we can help you select appropriate lighting and accessories, including energy efficient LED options, to suit your needs and bring warmth back into your home.